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open source wood initiative



Hey everyone! One of the sponsors for this years RE:EASA was the Open Source Wood Initiative! As part of there sponsorship they created an cash reward EASA only competition for anyone in the EASA community. Create a design using elements from this platform for a chance to win 2000€!

If you don’t have time to enter please create a profile/sign up to the website as spreading awareness through profiles created is there main objective as sponsors and this will make them very happy! Also it’s a great platform!

Learn more at
Only 2 days left!


Summer in the City




Learn more about the summer events in Rijeka. What will be happening besides EASA?

Summer in the City is an umbrella name for the introductory programmes of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project and other important cultural events taking place in the streets, squares, parks and cultural institutions of Rijeka, as well as other usual and unusual places.


The new Summer in Rijeka begins on 15 June with the Delta Open Programme, which includes the introduction of the Delta 5 building users, an offering of “workers' cuisine”, music curated by DJ Ana Antonova and a concert performance by Punčke. The Furioza cycle brings socially engaged Croatian and international musicians to Rijeka, while the youngest visitors can enjoy the Tobogan children's festival with 40 different programmes, followed by the Sailor Sweet&Salt Music Festival with a number of well-known artists and a concert performance by the world-renowned Americana band Calexico, as well as the latest edition of the Porto Etno festival of music and food.

In cooperation with the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, a portion of the Rijeka Summer Nights programme has also been included in the Summer in the City event and during the hot summer nights, the streets will become a venue for Spajalica – a series of art interventions in public spaces. Rijeka will also host the EASA, the biggest international assembly of architecture students, and will be one of the cities to host the 2nd Industrial Art Biennale.


The Summer in the Capital will be long and fantastic. Find more info here.


party call




New party concept this year! Instead of repeating some legendary themes, we want YOU to set the THEME for ONE NIGHT. (No that does not mean we absolutely won’t go with another Sangria night but let's RE:think!)

Send a brief description of your theme proposal along with possible additional requirements. Make sure there aren’t too many and try to propose something all participants can plug into easily. Little effort, maximum effect. Please work/apply as a team. You also may be in charge of the party soundtrack/set list if you wish and get help from our FM team or resident DJ’s. If you wish to carry out your official party drink, you can arrange that at your own expense (the official bar will be open regardless).

That goes for very specific party decor as well. We will pick the two we find most quirky and provide you with the location and help from our RE:EASA Residents of course. The two chosen themes will be presented on our facebook page before RE:EASA starts in Rijeka as a shout-out post with this year’s party line-up.

Go crazy!



Contact us by 9th of July to, only to brief us about your intentions. You will have enough time to prepare it in detail till the beginning of the assembly.


speakers call




A stereotype flying around EASA-ians – being a highly (pro)active people, having their eyes wide open at all times - surely goes beyond the 2 week assembly time. Imagining EASA as a place to celebrate our ponderings, thoughts and doings, our wish is to revive it as a platform where one can proudly share their thoughts and works. When did we only have an opportunity to

be heard by 600 friends and “partners in crime”? It is nothing but logical to finally give a stage to – us!


The thematic framework of EASA lectures is rather free and the recipe is rather simple. All it takes is to put the RE: lenses on!
Hopefully the RE:EASA, as well as EASA in general, have already triggered some questions in you and surely you must have already related them to the context of your own life, education and work. Drawing from familiar case-studies, personal work or else, you may bring to a discussion some interesting matters of your community, country, architecture, society or EASA itself.


We kindly invite individuals or (national) teams to embrace this amazing opportunity, prepare a little something to share in a format of your choice – a lecture, a panel, a discussion, a paper – and create yet another “RE” of EASA with us.


Sent us a draft by 9th of July to

This way we can incorporate it to the programme, while you will have enough time to prepare it in detail till the beginning of the assembly.


get your re:EASA sneakers!




Wanna know what's it like to be in our shoes?


We joined forces with "Borovo", the oldest shoemaking company in Croatia, and redesigned their iconic model of "Startas" to representing the colours of RE:EASA.

Learn more about the project and support our Kickstarter campaign.


Secure your pair! Order it by 1st of July to be able to wear them in Rijeka this summer!

For all the supporters not attending the event - shoes can be shipped to your homes.


*the production can kick off when the number of 200 orders reached





media partners



European Architecture Students' Assembly  —  EASA Croatia

Zagreb, October 2017




Alexandra Konochenko, EASA Croatia archive


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